Padiham Public (St John's) Cemetery

Padiham Public Cemetery

Padiham Public Cemetery – information including contact details, cemetery fees and regulations for what is and what isn’t allowed.

This cemetery is also known as St John’s Cemetery in the local area.


Updated: 4.2.2019
Right to erect a memorial (including all names) £265
Additional inscription (each name) £51
Vase under 12" (with or without inscription) NO FEE
Vase over 12" or new ashes wedges £97
New ashes wedges £97

Height Restrictions

Maximum Height 4'0"
Minimum Height

Office Notes

  • Enclose a copy of the grave papers with applications for NEW memorials.
  • Rules have been relaxed on the Lawn Plots – now allow teddy or small heart shapes etc. but if unsure ring to check first.
  • Please ensure type of fixing is confirmed on each application.
  • Also note on each additional application whether or not the memorial will be removed from the cemetery for the work to be done.

Cemetery Information

Address For Application

Burnley Borough Council

Cemeteries Office
93 Rossendale Road
BB11 5DD

Tel: 01282 477148
Fax: 01282 458904


Cheques payable to:

Burnley Borough Council