Radcliffe Cemetery

Radcliffe Cemetery

Radcliffe Cemetery – information including contact details, cemetery fees and regulations for what is and what isn’t allowed.

Baby Plot

Each of these plots are split into A and B and the head and base must not exceed 2’0″ high. The base should  not be wider than 2’6″ but the plinth does not have to be included in these measurements.

Any material allowed and as at 25.5.2011 there is only one other memorial on the muslim baby plot which is a small heart 18″ x 18″ on a base 2’0″ wide and 12″ deep. No beams all the memorials sit upon the earth.


Updated: 01.04.2018
New headstone (including 1st inscription only) £170
New headstone on double grave (max 6') £335
Additional Inscriptions £75
Replacement Memorials £45
Vase £125
Kerb surround (Between 1' & 2') £110
Kerb surround (Between 2' & 3') £275
Kerb surround (max 5' length) - must sign indemnity & insure, also may have to remove, at own expense, for nearby burials £560

Height Restrictions

Maximum Height 3'6"
Minimum Height

Office Notes

  • Customer must sign an indemnity and insure memorial.
  • Customers may have to remove memorial kerb surrounds, at own expense for nearby burials.
  • NAMM Fixing.
  • Operates Registration Scheme.

Cemetery Information

Address For Application

Bury Metropolitan Borough Council

Bury Cemetery
St Peter’s Road

Tel: 0161 253 6510
Fax: 0161 253 6510

Email: bereavementservice@bury.gov.uk

Cheques payable to:

Metropolitan Borough of Bury