Brindle St Joseph’s Church, Hoghton

Brindle St Joseph’s Church, Hoghton Information – including contact details, churchyard fees and regulations for what is and what isn’t allowed.

Office Notes

  • No red or coloured granite.
  • No coloured designs.
  • No kerbs or surrounds.
  • No cover slabs.
  • This is now a lawned churchyard.
  • We have placed a few small green slate headstones in this churchyard on the interred ashes plot at the back of the churchyard.
  • Brent Stevenson Memorials completed a free safety inspection of the Churchyard at the end of 2011 and repaired 15 of the most dangerous memorials which had become unsafe or collapsed.
  • The churchyard was extended in 2011.

Address For Application

Father Raphael Jones The Presbytery, Brindle St Joseph, Chapel Fold, Private Road, Hoghton, Preston, PR5 0DE Tel: 01254 852026 - Parish House Tel: 01772 902203 - St Benedicts Email: pp@brindlestjosephs.org.uk

Cheques payable to:

St Joseph's Brindle