Holy Trinity Church, Hoghton

Holy Trinity Church, Hoghton Information – including contact details, churchyard fees and regulations for what is and what isn’t allowed.

Office Notes

  • Reverend Dickinson would prefer to stick with CHURCHYARD RULES (HONED) but will accept all polished sea grey granite.
  • Generally small size memorials but there are the odd flat tablet/wedges and also our standard size (order 9388 has pictures of the new section in use).
  • New cremation section against the back wall - headstones to be honed and have a maximum size - Headstone (2'0 x 1'6 x 3"), Base (3" x 2'0 x 12") & Plinth (4" x 2'2 x 1'2).
  • Beam was placed in churchyard in 2011 with number stones in centre of each plot.
  • Safety Inspection (29.05.11) photographs on file - see Greg.

Address For Application

Reverend Hannah Boyd All Saints Vicarage Blackburn Road Higher Walton PR5 4EA 01772 335138 revhannahboyd@gmail.com

Cheques payable to:

Holy Trinity Church