Pickup Bank Congregational Chapel, Darwen

Pickup Bank Congregational Chapel in Darwen

Pickup Bank Congregational Chapel in Darwen – information including contact details, churchyard fees and regulations for what is and what isn’t allowed.

Other Contacts

Burials Officer
Mr Richard Townsend
Tel: 01254 773589

Mr Clifford Cooper
Tel: 01254 772526*

*This is also the telephone number of Rhonda Cooper (wife).


Updated: 01.01.2012
New Memorial £60
Vase / Cover slab / tablet £20
Small Vase (not exceeding 305mm x 203mm x 203mm) £40
Replacement Memorials £20
Additional Inscription £20
Renovation Work £20

Churchyard Information

Address For Application

Mrs Rhonda Cooper

6 Moorlands Court,
Spring Meadows,

Tel: 01254 772526

Email: cliff.cooper@talktalk.net

Cheques payable to:

Pickup Bank Congregational Chapel