St Gregory’s (Weld Bank) Church in Chorley

St Gregory’s Church in Weld Bank, Chorley– information including contact details, churchyard fees and regulations for what is and what isn’t allowed.

St Gregory's in Chorley Cremation Wedges

Cremation Wedges

The churchyard now has ‘Cremation Wedges’ in place – Click HERE for further details.

Memorial Fixing

Mr Chris Stryker (please call to arrange memorial fixing)

Tel: 07940 290643


Updated: 16.9.2019
New Memorials / Wedges £150
Additional Inscriptions £55

Office Notes

  • Anything allowed.
  • Fixing rules to be stated on application. i.e. “Please note that the memorial will be fixed using a NAMM stainless steel anchor system”.
  • Rule regarding replacement memorials for vases etc at half fee NO LONGER applies; now £150.00 required.
  • Reverend Monsignor McKenna (retired – 18.1.17) – The Lodge, St Gregory’s, Weldbank Lane, Chorley, PR7 3NW

Churchyard Information

Address For Application

Reverend Graeme M. Dunne

St Gregory’s Presbytery
Weldbank Lane

Tel & Fax: 01257 262462



Cheques payable to:

St Gregory's Church