St James’s Church in Briercliffe

St James’s Church in Briercliffe – information including contact details, churchyard fees and regulations for what is and what isn’t allowed.

Office Notes

  • Headstones
    • No marble and no black.
    • All polished/sanded Bon Accord with gilded letters if required.
    • All other Church of England materials allowed.
  • Cremation Plaques
    • Green slate 12" x 12" x 1¼" (Reserved Only)White Lettering only must read:NAME ONLY     JOHN SMITH D.O.B IN FULL     1st MAY 1905 D.O.B IN FULL     2nd MARCH 1990 REST IN PEACE     R. I. P.
  • Vases (kerb type)
    • GILDED, DOVE GREY or WHITE LETTERS (allowed in front of wall over ASHES, either HONED BON ACCORD or BLACK fixed on slate bases)

Address For Application

Reverend Graham Sawyer St James' Vicarage Briercliffe Burnley BB10 2HU Tel: 01282 423700

Cheques payable to:

P.C.C of St James's Church