St Mary’s Church in Newchurch in Pendle

St Mary’s Church in Newchurch in Pendle – information including contact details, churchyard fees and regulations for what is and what isn’t allowed.


Church of England 01.01.2017
New Headstone (including all names) £130
Additional Inscriptions (per name) £25
Vase (not exceeding 12" x 8" x 8") £68
Tablet / Plaque (not exceeding 21" x 21") £68

Office Notes

  • In November 2002 we fixed an all polished grey memorial with a scene of Pendle. Permission was given “in this case” but Reverend Hallows referred us to the Diocese guidelines for future reference. Granite may be allows in the future. Please check prior to drawing.

Churchyard Information

Address For Application

Reverend John Hallows

St Thomas Vicarage
Wheatley Lane Road

Tel: 01282 613206

Cheques payable to:

Newchurch In Pendle P.C.C