Headstone Inscriptions

Additional Inscriptions

Your family may already own a memorial in a Cemetery or Churchyard, on which you need an additional inscription to commemorate another member of the family.

The original inscription on your family’s headstone or memorial may have been cut by a mason some 20, 30, or more years ago. You will, of course, want the lettering style of the new, additional inscription to match the individual style of the original. Most families will start by taking a photograph of the existing memorial and emailing this to us with the requirements – we can then provide further advice on the inscription and a total price for the work including ALL Lettering & V.A.T.

Additional Inscription - Hand Lettered Before & After

Our masons at Stevenson Memorials in Blackburn and Blackpool are well-used to this, their expert eyes and equally expert hands can easily match the lettering which was done by the original mason. That’s something which is impossible for a machine to accomplish.

To match the lettering style of the original, you will need a craftsman … not a machine!

Of course this doesn’t mean that we don’t use machines – for additional inscriptions that are being added to more recent headstones, where the letters were originally sandblasted and designed via our computer then this process would be repeated for the additional inscription….providing an exact and reliable match.

Additional Inscription - Before & After