Fence War Memorial

War Memorial Roll of Honour in Fence

Posted by Greg Wharf on 24th Nov, 2015 | 0 comments

New roll of honour for village memorial

Villagers in Fence paid tribute to the fallen by installing a new roll of honour for the war memorial.

The original brass plaque was replaced with granite free of charge by stonemason Brent Stevenson after he was approached by the parish council.

Mr Stevenson, of Brent Stevenson Memorials, said: “Some of the names weren’t quite right so there were one or two corrections. Also we made it out of granite which not only will last longer and look better than brass but it’s a bit less likely to be stolen. It’s more legible now too.”

Parish council clerk Mrs Rebecca Hay added: “We are delighted with the new roll of honour and would like to thank Mr Stevenson. We are very pleased to have it done in time for Remembrance Sunday.”

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