Funeral Directors

Six Generations Of Memorial Masons Since 1883.

Ainsworth's Funeral Service

Edwin Ainsworth Ltd has been based in Church Bank Street since 1871, but it was originally in a row of cottages in Ainsworth Street which also included stabling for 12 horses. It was founded in 1856 by local businessman James Ainsworth and like many undertakers at the time it was much more than just a funeral service.

The business also included coachbuilders and joiners and for many years as late as 1922, Ainsworth’s also provided horse buses to Blackburn on market days.

5 horses pulled the carriage and it took 15 minutes to travel from Darwen town centre to Blackburn.

The first motor vehicle, an eight-horse-power Humber car was bought in 1910 and converted for use as a ‘coffin handy’, the modern day equivalent of a hearse.

Horses were finally replaced with Rolls Royce cars in 1922 and for forty years Ainsworth’s provided an ambulance service to the former Moss Bridge Hospital until the county ambulance service took over in 1954.

The company was handed down through the Ainsworth family and became Limited in 1931 when James Ainsworth’s grandsons, William and Ernest decided they needed outside help.

There have been many Directors and the present ones are proud to continue the success and professionalism of the company.

W.M.Alty & Sons Ltd

Lancashire’s premier funeral service.

Altys offer facilities and standards of service which are unequalled in the area providing services to suit individual requirements from the simplest funeral to the most elaborate but with the same level of professionalism provided throughout.

Because of our reputation we are called upon to act for more families in the area than any other funeral service, a fact of which we are justly proud.

The Alty Funeral service has been established for four generations and is now the only one of the long established Funeral Services in Blackburn to remain independent.

Champs Funeral Service

Founded in 1985, L Champ Funeral Services is committed to providing the highest quality of care and services while maintaining our integrity and ethical standards

D.Hollowell & Son Funeral Directors

As an Independent family funeral home we work around the clock to serve our local communities and ease the burden a loss can bring.